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The ASCENT project in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the five countries where the ASCENT project is implemented. The project will be implemented in five oblasts of Ukraine, namely Odeska, Lvivska, Donetska, Zakarpatska, and Mykolayivska oblasts. Patients and health care providers will use digital adherence technologies to support patients taking their TB treatment at home. The first patients will be enrolled mid 2020.

Ukraine has a population of 44 million people. According to the WHO, in 2018 an estimated 36,000 people suffered from TB in Ukraine, making the TB incidence rate per 100,000 people 80. An estimated 13,000 people suffered from multidrug resistant TB. The WHO estimates 5,700 people died of TB in Ukraine in 2018.

“The implementation of digital adherence technologies in Ukraine is a crucial step towards human-centered TB treatment which will allow better patient outcomes. We work to ensure both patients and healthcare workers have access to innovative tools, and that the gained experience fosters in-country adoption and scale-up of digital technologies.”
Dr. Kateryna Gamazina, ASCENT project manager in Ukraine

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