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ASCENT randomization ceremony in Ukraine

17 December 2020

ASCENT Ukraine conducted a randomization ceremony to assign health facilities to intervention arms and standard of care study arms. Over 50 participants representing tuberculosis (TB) management of 5 project oblasts attended the online event, as well as health care workers from 24 rayons.

Dr. Yana Terleieva, National TB Program (NTP) Manager, Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, opened the meeting with the following: “NTP is strongly interested in the ASCENT study. We believe that its results will confirm the effectiveness of digital adherence technologies. We hope that this project will become a crucial step towards the broader implementation of these technologies”. Dr. Terleieva also highlighted that Ukraine and the global community need innovations to further improve treatment outcomes.

ASCENT Ukraine introduced the project, highlighted the study relevance, and described how the randomization process is designed. The randomization itself was the highlight of the event, which kept every participants eyes drawn to the screen.

To ensure understanding of study related activities and foster collaboration between communities and health care workers, ASCENT Ukraine invited non-governmental organizations providing services to TB patients in project oblasts to join the randomization ceremony. Olena, an NGO representative, shared her impression after the meeting: “It’s such a pleasure for us to participate in this ceremony. This event marks a historic moment”.

The randomization of health facilities was a significant milestone for the project start, which now allows further project stages implementation.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is implementing ASCENT together with The Aurum Institute, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and PATH.