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ASCENT: invest in innovative digital tools to end TB

24 March 2022

The Unitaid-funded ASCENT project has entered its final year and is well on its way in showing the benefits in helping people affected by TB with their treatment by using digital adherence technology such as smart pill boxes, medication sleeves and video supported treatment.

ASCENT implements and evaluates these technologies across almost 150 health clinics in five different countries with over 10.000 patients supported since early 2021. The project demonstrates how the provision of care can be changed by leveraging technological and communication advances as a tool to treat TB.

These technologies offer the opportunity for a more patient-centered care model; the opportunity for an efficient healthcare system; and they can support healthcare providers when treating people affected by TB to invest in these digital tools to end TB.

The following video clip shows a patient with a smart pill box provided by ASCENT in use. The innovative tool works very well even in remote areas like in the north of Tanzania and significantly helps the patient with his treatment. To stay in the theme ‘Invest to end TB. Save Lives’, provided by Stop TB Partnership for this World TB Day, you invest to end TB with the provision of such a pill box to patients.