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Virtual meeting to prepare ASCENT study activities

14 September 2020

The ASCENT project has organized a virtual meeting for all Research Managers to prepare the study activities that will be conducted in the different ASCENT countries. The full ASCENT consortium participated: KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (including KNCV Ethiopia, KNCV Philippines and KNCV Tanzania), the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, PATH and the Aurum Institute.

During the meeting the country research managers from Tanzania, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa and Ukraine received a training, ahead of the start of the study predatory phase. The following aspects of the study were discussed:

  • Practical, administrative and regulatory requirements,
  • Procedures & data required for randomizing facilities to the intervention or control arm
  • Data collection procedures and data management tools
  • Ethical requirements
  • Community engagement and participatory research

The in-country study launch with randomization ceremonies involving country stakeholders, is the next important milestone.

The ASCENT project is funded and supported by Unitaid and led by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation in consortium with PATH, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Aurum Institute.

ASCENT Research Managers Meeting
ASCENT Research Managers meet virtually to prepare ASCENT study activities.