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Successful randomization ceremony in Ethiopia

19 October 2020

The ASCENT Ethiopia team held a randomization ceremony at Bishoftu Gold Mark Hotel. They have successfully assigned health facilities to different study arms. Based on the approved research protocol, the study health facilities were assigned to either the two intervention arms or the standard of care arm.

The randomization event was held in the presence of representatives from study implementing regions (Oromia Regional Health Bureau and Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau), representatives from Zones/Towns health offices from Oromia region and representatives from Sub-Cities health offices from Addis Ababa city. The CAB secretary also participated in the randomization ceremony.

To allow for a clear understanding of the ASCENT project and the randomization event, a description was presented by Kristian van Kalmthout (KNCV Tuberculosis  Foundation ASCENT Project Director), Dr Amare W. Tadesse (Trial manager) and Dr Gediyon Tefera (ASCENT-Ethiopia Project Manager).

Prof Katherine Fielding from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (the Global ASCENT study principal investigator) ended the ceremony with a few closing remarks, followed by an open discussion with the audience.

The Federal Ministry of Health/NTP in collaboration with KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation organized the event, a very important milestone to start enrolling TB patients for DAT supported TB treatment in the coming months.