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The Philippines

The ASCENT project in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the five countries where the ASCENT project was implemented. 64 health care facilities in the Bulacan Province and Pampanga Province participated in the project. Participants and health care workers made use of digital adherence technologies to support people upon taking their daily TB medication at home, at work, or any venue of their choice. The first participants were enrolled in 2021. The project reached the participation of 5,470 people with TB in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a population of 107 million people and is one of the 30 high TB burden countries in the world, as listed by the World Health Organization (WHO Global Tuberculosis Report,2019). In 2018, an estimated 591,000 people suffered from TB in the Philippines, giving a TB incidence rate of 554 per 100,000 population. An estimated 18,000 people suffered from multidrug-resistant TB. The WHO estimates 27,000 people died of TB in the Philippines.

“Digital adherence technologies can truly make a difference for patients and the fight against TB in the Philippines. At ASCENT we are looking forward to providing these technologies to empower patients and health care workers, while generating evidence and collaborating with government and other TB stakeholders, including civil society organizations to make future scale-up possible.”
Dr. Andre E. Villanueva, ASCENT Project Manager in the Philippines

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