Digital adherence technologies

The ASCENT project will implement and evaluate three different types of digital adherence technologies that will be available in participating health care facilities at no additional cost to the patient. How to use the specific technology will be explained by the health care worker as part of the standard patient treatment initiation process.

1. Medication sleeve / labels

The patient receives their TB medication in customized packaging. On a daily basis, patients make a toll-free call or text a code to automatically log their daily dose.

2. Smart pill box

The patient is provided with a specially-designed box to store their TB medication. Every time the patient opens the box, the embedded device sends a signal and automatically notifies the health care worker of the logged daily dose.

3. Video supported treatment

During medication intake, the patient records a video message using a customized app on their mobile phone. After completion, the video is sent to the health care worker for review.

Digital adherence technologies:

The adherence platform:

Healthcare providers: Timely & detailed patient-specific adherence data enables provision of differentiated care
Patients: Improved patient-centered approach & system feedback empowers patient ownership of treatment
Decision makers: Availability of adherence data & analysis improves informed decision making & monitoring at national & global levels
Integrated systems: Ability to link with existing health information systems strengthens programs, combining diagnostic, treatment & surveillance data