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Market Readiness Assessment


DAT products are being used around the world in a variety of income settings and for different indications. In high income countries, DATs are often used for clinical research trials and for seniors who may struggle to remember to take their medications. Another important use case for DATs in these settings is partnerships with the pharmaceutical sector, who stand to lose significant revenue for patients lost to non-adherence. In low- and middle-income countries, DATs are more often targeting specific diseases such as HIV or TB.

The Market Readiness Assessment takes a wide view of the DAT market. Many of the products covered are not designed specifically for TB and may never have been used with TB-affected individuals before. The objective is to understand what DAT technologies are currently in use across geographies and intended use, to develop a clearer picture about the “readiness” of the overall DAT market to support TB-affected individuals.

What it is

  • Meant to understand market trends & current state of DAT products
  • Meant to point towards promising technology types (not specific products)
  • Meant to help understand use cases for different technology types
  • Intended to evaluate the ability of current DAT technologies to serve the TB market

What it isn’t

  • Not intended to compare products against one another or as a diagnostic tool to choose products

DAT products reviewed

Measuring DAT readiness

Fit for purpose
Technical specifications


What is the patient burden to use the DAT?

Patient burden100%


Wat is the provider burden to deploy the DAT?

Provider Burden100%


What are the technical requirements (patient)?

Technical requirements100%

Barriers to entry

Does the product require new communication infrastructure or new supply chain processes within the health system?

Barriers to entry100%

Accuracy of behavior

What is the mechanism to report adherence?



Has the DAT been used to TB and LMICs?


Works for DS and DB TB

Can it be used within multiple drugs formulations, not just FDCs?

DS and DR-TB patients100%

Electricity requirements

Frequency of recharge/battery chance?

Electricity requirements100%

Messaging and communications

Includes dosing reminders for patients?

Messaging and communications100%

Dosing history

Track’s dosing history?

Dosing histories100%

Data Exchange/Integration

Does the product allow exports of adherence data in standazing formats to other platform(s)


Automatic reporting

Does the product automatically transfer adherence dat without patient actions?



Is the device easily portable?


Findings overview

  1. Many DATs Designed for High Income Environments are Affordable for TB
  2. Many DATs Designed for High Income Environments Do Not Have Prohibitive Technological Requirements
  3. Eel findings


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